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Your guide to a beautiful Summer Lawn


It can be tough to keep your lawn healthy and green during the summer, especially in Salt Lake City. There is nothing worse than having worked so hard on your garden for it to turn brown and unsightly in the summer months.

You don’t want to be the only property in your area looking down and out. So, what can you do to keep your lawn looking luscious?

It might seem really complicated to get that green lawn all summer long, but we’re here to help you achieve that in just 4 easy steps.

1.Mow High

Your lawn grows best when its roots are long, deep and healthy. You can encourage this root growth by mowing your lawn as high as possible.

 Sharpen your mower blades at least once each season to stop excessive moisture loss.

The more moisture your lawn can keep, the more luscious and gorgeous your lawn will look. If you start with mowing high, you’re on the right path to a gorgeous lawn and a step closer to having envious neighbors.

2. Treat for grubs!

Grubs and beetles can be a nightmare for your lawn because they eat their way through the roots. Remember how important those roots are for having luscious, green grass?

When grubs eat through the roots you end up with brown, unsightly patches on your lawn. What can you do to stop these critters and maintain a beautiful garden?

Keep an eye out for signs of an invasion, especially if you had one the year before and be ready to combat it.

You should use a good and reputable grub or beetle killer and apply it in the late spring and early summer, which is when the grubs will usually begin to hatch. Prevention is better than a cure and if you can stop the invasion before it starts, you can keep that lawn looking fabulous.

3. Never underestimate Water

Everyone knows that watering your lawn is the key to keeping it healthy. The more water, the healthier the lawn, right?

It’s true that your lawn needs plenty of water, but don’t fall into the trap of watering, all day, or at any random time in the day.

Not only is it unnecessary to water the lawn all day, it’s wasteful.

If you want your lawn to be beautifully green, you need to time your watering between 6am and 10am. This is the coolest part of the day and allows your lawn to absorb as much of the moisture as possible before it gets too warm and the water begins to evaporate.  

If you use an irrigation system, set your timer to begin as close to 6am as possible.

Remember to adjust the amount of water you give the lawn if there has been rainfall. If it rains during the night your lawn probably does not need any more water in the morning.

4. Feed is important!

All season grasses can benefit from summer feeding. If you have a warm season grass it will grow the best in the summer heat, but it will still grow better with lawn feed.

Lawn food can help to fuel and sustain the growth by pushing water into drier soils and encouraging deep root growth, which as mentioned earlier is essential to get that luscious green lawn.

If you have cool season grass it will still benefit from summer feeding! By feeding your lawn you are providing it with all the essential nutrients and moisture that it needs to grow to its full potential. 

And that is it! 4 easy steps that anyone can follow to keep their lawn looking gorgeous all summer… and it doesn’t cost a lot.

So if you want that gorgeous, green lawn in no time, so you can spend your summer enjoying the results, follow these 4 easy steps. Your neighbors will be green with envy.

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