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DIY Landscape Supply & Delivery in Lindon City, Utah

Let us bring your landscape supplies directly to you. We have all the landscape supplies that you need to complete your Lindon City, Utah landscape project from premium mulch, compost, topsoil, landscape rock and sprinkler systems.

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Lindon City, Utah Best Selling DIY Landscape Products

Your One-Stop Shop in Lindon City, Utah for Your DIY Landscaping Supplies

Whatever you need for landscaping, DIY Landscaping Supply has you covered! In Lindon City, Utah, we offer countless landscaping products at competitive prices.

For your convenience, we’ll be glad to swiftly deliver your landscaping supplies, so you can get started today. If you need professional help and equipment, our team of landscaping experts will be happy to assist.

You can also make use of our sprinkler system design service to keep your landscaping fresh and beautiful throughout the year.

For premium landscaping products like organic mulch, decorative elements, and more, call us today or pop by our offices. We’ll be glad to take care of your landscaping supply needs at unbeatable rates!

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Benefits of using compost in your Lindon City, Utah yard and garden

Once your compost is ready to use, add it to your soil at any time of year to get the following benefits:

Improved moisture retention
Your compost will help the soil hold water for much longer periods. Consequently, you won’t have to water your plants as much.
Better soil structure
By adding more organic matter to your soil you are allowing more air pockets for water and nutrients to travel.
Improved nutrient levels
Compost is high in the essential nutrients for garden vegetables-nitrogen, phosphorus, iron, and zinc.
Balanced soil pH
Adding compost to your soil will prevent it from becoming too high in acid or alkaline.
Healthy natural soil organisms
Insects like worms and soldier flies feed on compost ingredients. There are various ways these insects can help your garden too.
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Use Our Wholesale, Premium, Dark Brown Compost in Lindon City, Utah and Surrounding Locations

If you’re in the Lindon City, Utah location or near, get your premium, wholesale compost delivered to your home today. There are many benefits of this product including, it’s rich in nutrients, you can easily apply it, and it will boost your plant growth. By using this compost, you’ll have the best garden in town. And that’s how it will make your house look!

Get Your Premium Mulch at our Lindon City, Utah Location at Wholesale Prices

Homeowners in Lindon City, Utah and beyond can enhance their landscaping with our high quality mulch. If you’re wondering how this product will make your house look, our premium mulch will help you maintain a lush, healthy garden throughout the seasons. The benefits of this product are enough to order it today!

Benefits of using mulch in your Lindon City, Utah yard and garden

Mulch is rich in nutrients, making it a powerful addition to your garden. There are various advantages of using mulch in your garden. Let’s discuss a few of them!

Mulch Reduces Weeds
Use a three to four-inch deep blanket of mulch to smother weeds and prevent them from sprouting. It will be seamless to remove new weeds as their roots aren’t deep in the soil.
Mulch Encourages Earthworms
Organic mulch promotes earthworms, and earthworms mean healthy soil. These worms dig tunnels, directing air and water to the soil, and they break down organic material. Also, earthworms excrete waste as castings, which fertilize the soil. Rubber mulch, pebbles, or any synthetic mulch does not attract earthworms.
Mulch Protects Against Temperature Changes
Natural mulch helps maintain the temperature in soil, causing plants’ roots to remain cool when the temperature increases. In the Winter, Mulch helps the soil remain warm. Layer two to three inches of mulch in a donut shape around your plants, ensure it’s a few inches away from the roots and stems to avoid creating a bridge for pests.
Mulch Retains Water
Mulch helps plant life retain moisture, meaning you can water your plants less and cut back on your utility bill. Use a drip irrigation system or a soaker hose, so water has enough time to soak into the soil. Coarse mulch works the best to allow water to pass through it easily.
Mulch Adds Nutrients
Organic mulch decomposes into nitrogen and other essential nutrients for your plants. Use fresh wood chips as the top layer of mulch, or wait until they’ve aged before using them as they tie up nitrogen. Ideally, use this around shrubs and trees rather than annuals and vegetables.
Mulch Helps Prevent Erosion
Unfortunately, heavy rainfall can wash away your soil, but mulch reduces erosion. Use heavy mulch in areas with severe winds and rain.
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Benefits of using Topsoil in your Lindon City, Utah yard and garden

Add topsoil to your garden is an excellent way to keep your plants growing, and your garden healthy. If you’re new to gardening or haven’t used topsoil before, these are the top reasons you should!

What is topsoil?
Topsoil is the top two to eight-inch layer of soil that’s highly nutrient-packed and promotes plant growth.
Topsoil Improves Drought Resistance
Topsoil adds protection to plant roots and keeps moisture in the soil, which reduces evaporation and ensures the plants always have water.
Topsoil Promotes Plant Health
Topsoil provides plants with nutrients and oxygen, and it also helps plants put down solid roots to reduce erosion.
Topsoil Causes Better Drainage
The more topsoil you add, the better drainage your plants will have, and mix topsoil into the area you’re planting before adding a layer of topsoil to the surface for optimal drainage.
Topsoil Provides More Nutrients
Not only does topsoil already have an abundance of essential nutrients for plants but it also balances extra nutrients in the soil.
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Buy Premium, Topsoil at Wholesale Prices in Lindon City, Utah and Beyond

Give your garden the extra nourishment it needs and get our premium topsoil. We can swiftly deliver this topsoil to your Lindon City, Utah home or business, at wholesale prices. The benefits of this product include healthier soil, faster plant growth, and a happier garden. Using our topsoil will make your landscaping turn heads, and this is how it will make your house look too!

Choose High-Quality, Premium Landscape Rock and We will deliver to Lindon City, Utahat Wholesale Prices

Does your home need a cosmetic boost? Use our premium landscape rock to improve the value of your home, how it looks and makes you feel. Our landscaping rock is available for wholesale purchase and we will deliver it your Lindon City, Utah home and business. The benefits of this product are better soil drainage, fewer maintenance costs, and more durability. If you’re stressing about how it will make your house look, the answer is…. amazing!

Benefits of Using Rock for Landscaping, Lindon City, Utah

Many homeowners absolutely love rock for their landscaping. And there are ample excellent reasons for this. Let’s look at what these reasons are!

Rock is Easy to Maintain
In contrast to lawn, with rock landscape, you don’t have to water, mow or apply fertilizer.
Rock Doesn’t Attract Pests
Organic mulches can become a home for insects and pests, but rock doesn’t accommodate these critters at all.
Rock Stands Up to Foot Traffic
Unlike grass or vines, rock won’t become as damaged from foot traffic.
Rock Lasts A Long Time
Wood chips or organic mulch will wear much quicker from exposure to wind, sun, and other harmful elements, but you won’t have to replace rock as quickly.
Rock Offers Ample Variety
You can buy rock for your landscaping in a range of different colors, sizes, gradients, and styles.
Rock Can Improve Drainage
Although water pools in most soils, it will move freely on a rock or gravel pathway, reducing puddles after a rainstorm.
Rock Saves You Money
Rock landscaping eliminates the cost of lawn maintenance, fertilizer, utility bills, garden equipment, and garden service.
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What our Lindon City, Utah customers are saying!

Kelli A Davis
Kelli A Davis
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We had an unforgettable experience with DIY Landscaping! They delivered our landscaping rocks quickly, and the quality of the product was amazing. I wouldn’t bother to go anywhere else for my landscaping supplies. I’d recommend these guys to everyone I know. Thank you so much DIY!
Craig Dalton
Craig Dalton
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After dealing with DIY landscaping, I’ve gotten everything I need for my property. The staff are friendly and helpful; the delivery is quick, and the suppliers are top-quality. I’ll definitely use DIY for any future projects!
Austin Simon
Austin Simon
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I called DIY Landscaping to help me deal with overgrown and dead trees. After referring me to an excellent arborist, DIY pulled out all the old stumps and roots and planted beautiful English Oaks. I’m beyond grateful. My trees look amazing, and the customer service was phenomenal. I’ll be back!


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