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How to choose a Commercial Landscaper


Sometimes it’s fantastic to be adventurous. But here at DIY Landscape Supply in Salt Lake City, we don’t recommend this for choosing a commercial landscaper.

The aesthetic of your commercial property is essential, as it’s the first thing customers interact with. But choosing a commercial landscaper with insufficient experience, knowledge, equipment, and dedication can negatively affect your commercial property’s landscaping.

To ensure you choose a commercial landscaper that can get the job done, we have 3 questions that you need to ask to find the ideal landscaper!

The 3 Questions for Vetting Commercial Landscapers

What Types of Services do Your Provide?

This is a vital question to ask, as you need to understand how the landscaper can help you and accommodate your needs.

Aim to find a landscape like Millburn Lawn and Landscaping that can do everything. Doing this will prevent you from having to find more landscapers to complete different tasks. And it will also be more convenient, economical, and less stressful for you to have one company get everything done.

For example, the same company that repairs and maintains your irrigation system could also do snow removal during the Winter or plant new flowerbeds during the Spring. This method is better than finding three different companies to complete each task.

Also, choosing a landscaper that fulfills all your property demands will give you one company to grow with, trust, and rely on.

Do You Have Examples of Your Work That I Can Look At?

The proof is in the pudding! And this is no different for commercial landscapers.

Having a look at past projects a landscaper has completed will give you insight into the type of work they do, their level of experience, their quality of work. And if their method of operation is what you need.

This knowledge will help you make an informed decision when choosing a landscaper. Plus, you will have peace of mind knowing that your landscaper has the expertise you require.

Alternatively, you can ask for references. Speaking to past clients will give you the whole picture of how the landscaper works and what you can expect from their services.

What Kind of Licensure Do You Have?

While looking for a professional landscaper, many people are attracted to landscapers without the appropriate licensing. This is because those landscapers charge much lower rates than those with licenses, as these landscapers don’t pay licensing fees or purchase liability or workers’ compensation insurance.

Although the price is alluring, landscapers without licenses rarely handle business as ethically as landscapers with licenses do. For example, if these landscapers service your property, do a terrible job, and leave, they might be unresponsive when you try to contact them. And there is no licensing board to complain to, so essentially you are left in a rut.

Also, without insurance, any damage that occurs to your property or the workers will be your liability.

To avoid this, ensure the landscaper you choose has the appropriate licensing. Doing this will provide you with legal protection and peace of mind.

For reliable, trustworthy, professional, licensed landscaping services, choose Millburn Lawn and Landscaping! They put their client’s needs first, and exceeding your expectations is their top priority!

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